Corganics® Relief™ Topical Analgesic Cream


Corganics develops and distributes cutting-edge over-the-counter products targeting the sports, medical and military channels.

Corganics® Relief™ helps athletes manage pain longer, keeps muscles and joints fresher, reduces stiffness and soreness and shortens recovery time between workouts. Athletes, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and others who use Relief™ say they feel better, return to practice quicker and even play with more enthusiasm. Learn more → or Start shopping now →

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Corganics Relief


Relief™ is an OTC topical analgesic that's winning rave reviews, even from those that think creams can't offer relief. Why? Because it just flat works, delivering hours of relief. For aches and pains, get Relief

Corganics Smooth Shave Gel

Smooth Shave Gel

Smooth Shave Gel™ is clearly the ultimate shave — and good enough for the US Surgeon General to specify it as the shaving product for the US Army Health and Comfort Packs. For Smooth skin and less irritation →

What other people are saying

LtCol William Rieger headshot

LtCol William Rieger, US Army, ret.

US Army Head of Physical Fitness, ret.

Relief, most definitely, has great potential for the recreational athlete, as well as for use by athletic trainers in professional sports. More →

Mark Hembree, DC headshot

Mark Hembree, DC, Chiropractor

Relief complements Chiropractic care by accelerating patients' recovery time More →

Chris Hall headshot

Chris Hall, Director of Sports Medicine

TCU Athletics

Corganics Relief is helping to give athletes a chance to compete longer and at a higher level of competition with less physical effects on their bodies over the course of a season. More →

Roger Edson headshot

Roger Edson,

When I use Relief Gel on my legs, the feeling of weakness and fatigue almost entirely disappears. More →

Lakeway Chiropractic headshot

Lakeway Chiropractic,

Relief gives us great results in soft tissue injuries. More →

Duane M. Dressen, DC headshot

Duane M. Dressen, DC,

Patients find it far superior to Biofreeze for relieving muscle aches and pains along with inflammatory symptoms. More →


Mark "Buzz" Chisum, Former Director for Sports Medicine for Football

Texas Tech University

Relief can be used for lymphatic massage, sports massage, and post practice massage. More →

Mandy Mullen, DC headshot

Mandy Mullen, DC, Chiropractor

My patients tell me they prefer Relief to the other analgesic gel. More →

David Price headshot

David Price, Head Athletic Trainer

Kansas City Chiefs

The best thing about Relief is the abundant source of natural ingredients. More →

J. L. Riddle headshot

J. L. Riddle, retired

Horse Trainer

... [Using Relief I can] do things that I have not been able to do for the last 10 years. More →

Doug Gibbins headshot

Doug Gibbins, LAT, ATC

Highland Park High School

... very effective for painful & stiff joints and muscles on my athletes ... I recommend this product to anyone, especially athletic trainers. More →

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